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By Kathryn Wheeler / December 30, 2018 / 0 Comment

Life can be messy and expensive. So, sometimes we want to take the easy way out. But when it comes to your business (or personal brand), you really should opt for the best way, not the easiest or cheapest.

If you want to use pre-made images for sharing a post on social media or in your blog post, there is nothing wrong with that. Your logo, however, is worth the effort.

If you’re a small business owner, blogger, etc., then you know it’s important to create a logo and a brand to establish your online presence. A logo is usually the foundation for your brand and website — and that alone should be reason enough to put proper time and thought into its creation. Therefore, it’s an enormous pet peeve of mine when I see ads for online logo generators. You know – those sites where you can type in your business name and description and then viola! After waiting a minute or two for the site to load, you have five to ten logos to choose from.

As a designer, I cringe at the thought of the impersonal, machine-generated approach to design. However, if you’ve been dreading the task of making a logo or unwilling to pay a designer or agency, you might be tempted to click on the next ad you see promising “a great logo for just $20!”

While the easy way out is tempting, below are the top reasons why you should not use an online logo generator or online logo creator.


  2. This is arguably the most important reason why you should not pay for a machine-generated logo. While AI (artificial intelligence) is becoming smarter and more useful, it still is not perfect. An algorithm may use current trends and some data to output a logo, but it still isn’t 100% thorough.

A designer or agency will get to know your business, research your industry, gather information on your target audience, learn what your competitors are or are not doing, look at current and past trends, and might even survey specific demographics to gather more data to support their design choices.


Online generators rely on current design trends and what top brands are doing. However, getting a logo that looks just like everyone else’s is not going to help your business. With endless information available at our fingertips, it’s imperative to have a bold, unique logo that stands out in the crowd.

To ensure your business can compete in your industry, you don’t want just anything to represent your brand. Logo generators are full of predesigned graphics that lack creativity and individuality. Preformatted templates will always limit your creative freedom. Whereas a designer will offer various creative logo options and then redesign and refine until the final product is a complete, unique visual representation of your brand.


As previously mentioned, you don’t want just any graphic or image to represent your brand. Online generators typically ask you to fill in your business name, your product/service, and maybe a sentence or two describing your business. This is all relevant information, but you can get so much more from hiring a designer or agency.

People can talk to people. With a designer, you can talk about your business, describe why your business is better than its competitors, give examples of your products or services, and so much more. Most designers will consider your business, their business and your success, their success. Therefore, they will work hard to ensure they create a logo for your business that is creative, timeless, and looks good and functions even better. A machine-generated logo can’t promise you that.


Remember, you get what you pay for. Depending on the generator you use, you will get your logo and (at most) a color palette and business card template.

A logo is the representation of your business and a solid foundation to build your brand upon. Unfortunately, that doesn’t mean a logo is the only deliverable you need. A brand consists of your logo, color scheme, font choices, and use of imagery in everything your business does. Establishing a brand consists of using your unique logo on your business cards, advertisements, website, emails, your products, etc.

A designer or agency can create your logo, as well as work with you to establish branding guidelines, create business cards, letterhead, website design, and any other type of visual communication or marketing material you may need.


If you create your logo yourself or through an online generator, you have to be aware and take care of any copyrighting or trademarking yourself.

Trademarks must be obtained through the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Additionally, you need to get your name and other intellectual material copyrighted — and copyright law is complex. It’s important to trademark and copyright your business name and logo to ensure that no one else can legally use your name or logo.


No matter what online generator you use, it is no match for the quality design a designer or agency can provide. As a representation of your business (and/or yourself), your logo needs to be unique and personal.

Kathryn’s Design Shop specializes in creating logos and branding guidelines for businesses and individuals. Along with your logo, you can get business cards, letterhead, stationary, and so much more to help you establish your brand both online and off.

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