My name is Kathryn Wheeler. I'm a freelance graphic designer, writer, and owner of Kathryn's Design Shop.

Kathryn’s Design Shop is primarily a freelance graphic design service for both businesses and individuals. I also offer content writing services including infographics, blog posts, and website content creation and editing.

My mission is to offer affordable graphic design (and content services) for all your creativity needs. Whether you need a logo and branding guide for your business or a set of wedding invitations for your big day, Kathryn’s Design Shop aims to be your go-to place for whatever you need.

Below is an overview of services Kathryn's Design Shop offers.


Logo and Branding Design

This includes updating existing logos and branding guidelines, designing original logos, and creating and establishing entirely new brands.

Business and Advertising

Designs for print purposes including brochures, flyers, posters, ads, direct mailers, and more. Designs for digital marketing such as ads, banners, social media ads and images, etc. 

Book and Layout

This service includes designing ebooks, newsletters, workbooks, booklets, magazines, and more for print and digital uses.

Cards, Invites, and Stationery

I’m able to design custom greeting cards, party and event invitations, work or personal stationery and letterhead, and more. 


This service includes designing infographics for blog posts, website pages, reports, etc. and can be for print or digital purposes.

Content Writing

In addition to design, I offer content writing and editing services for blog posts, website content, articles, press releases, and more.



North Tonawanda, NY | Phone: 585-866-9364

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You can email me directly at info@kathrynsdesignshop.com and follow me on Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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