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What is Ixchel Apparel?
Ixchel Apparel is small clothing company started by a family in Buffalo, NY with the help of a drop shipping business. They sell women’s, men’s, and children’s clothing and accessories. Check out their website at ixchelapparel.com.

Who is Ixchel Apparel?
Ixchel Apparel prides themselves on stellar customer service and offering unique, modern clothing at an affordable price.

Branding Ixchel Apparel
My client and I went back and forth on a few logo options before deciding on a minimalistic, timeless icon and type combination. The full logo can be used on most marketing material and the icon worked well on clothing, tags, and other materials where the logo needed to be sized down.

I designed their logo using a thin, crisp typeface and paired it with simple iconography. Originally, I made the logo black and white, but after Ixchel Apparel set up their website and worked on some marketing materials, we went back and turned the logo a professional, elegant shade of blue.