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What is Hustle & Scale?
Hustle & Scale is a business that aims to help people scale their businesses from a brick-and-mortar or online side hustle to a multi-million dollar online business. Check out their website at

The founder of Hustle & Scale wanted the brand to be vibrant, bold, and modern. I used bright colors and bold typefaces paired with a tilted, angled layout for the logo and incorporated the same style throughout the rest of the branded materials.

In addition to the overall company logo, I was tasked with creating various logos for their special events, offers, and courses. I have shown a few below as examples.

Trade Show Advertising
My client was setting up a booth at a trade show and needed a tablecloth, folders, flyers, and swag designed to use for advertising. The tablecloth needed to draw attention and highlight Hustle & Scale’s One-Day Summit Formula and Virtual Summit Software products.

Digital Marketing/Advertising

With most courses, summits, and other offers that Hustle & Scale create, I design a logo and identity for that offer to use, like seen in the “Expert Speaker Training” ads. My client uses paid and organic Facebook ads and posts to promote the latest offer.