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What is Ms. JD and Ready to Rise?
Ms. JD is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization dedicated to the success of aspiring and early career women lawyers. Visit for more information.

Ready to Rise was an event held by Ms. JD in June 2018 that aims to help middle school girls, grade 6-8, by providing opportunities for education and interaction with women law students and attorneys.

Branding Ready to Rise
The logo for the Ready to Rise event needed to be professional, yet engaging for younger students and reflect the Ms. JD brand colors and theme.

Ms. JD had already established branding guidelines prior to collaborating with me on the Ready to Rise and other projects. I used these branding guidelines as a base for designing the signs, banners, programs, and other marketing material needed for the event.

Ensuring brand consistency was key in connecting all of Ms. JD’s different events under one umbrella, promoting the organization’s main mission: determined to rise.



Marketing for LaddHer Up
Similar to Ready to Rise, LaddHer Up is another event hosted by Ms. JD that creates a unique opportunity for women law firm associates in the earlier stages of their careers to personally engage with women general counsel and seek advice, mentorship, and gain access to other resources.

The logo for the LaddHer Up was provided to me by Ms. JD, and they needed branded signs and programs for the LaddHer Up retreat in 2018.

Included in this project is an email design created in Mailchimp, flyers, signs, and a program for the retreat. All the design elements stem from Ms. JD’s branding.


2019 Sponsorship Guide Booklet
In addition to the marketing materials for Ms. JD’s event, I was tasked with designing a booklet highlighting the numerous ways to become a sponsor for Ms. JD.

This needed to be professional, yet appealing to a younger audience with a creative, interesting design.


Branding Annual Conference: Speak Up
For the conference logo, the client wanted to use imagery to portray the “Speak Up” theme and reflect the Ms. JD brand. The “Speak Up” logo needed to be able to work with other Ms. JD marketing as well as remain strong in its own marketing.